With over a decade leading teams and digital marketing programs at Fortune 500 companies, we’re bringing our enterprise experience to main street. Creating custom digital strategies that serve small to medium sized businesses with a desire to scale their digital marketing efforts.


Our mission is simple.

We help businesses gain and retain customers through best in class, hand crafted, digital strategies; taking on work that motivates and inspires us, and makes a positive impact within the lives of our clients and their firms.

When it comes to the marketing needs of your business, the choices out there can seem endless on who you should partner with when choosing agency support. So many specialize in everything; offering an array of services from traditional marketing, communications, influencer marketing, video production, website creation, public relations, digital among many other items.

While there are certainly pros to an agency that can check the box on all mediums; often these broad agency models are built to support bigger brands and companies and may not be priced in a way that makes sense for a smaller firms initiatives.

Socialwerkx is different.

We’re laser focused on just one area, digital. And our experience positions us to deliver unique digital strategies that address your businesses needs and help you achieve your goals. Whether it be generating brand awareness, increased foot traffic, or leads we’re ready to put the skills we've honed, at some of the nations biggest brands, to work for you.

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Sharif Renno

Sharif is an innovative data driven marketer, with extensive experience elevating corporate and product recognition through skillful implementation of digital and social marketing, branding, and promotional programs. He has a track record of building successful enterprise digital marketing programs across multiple Fortune 500 firms spanning several verticals; including telecom (B2C), Industrial Supplies / MRO (B2B e-Commerce) and the Financial Services / Insurance Industry.

At home he is a family man, husband, proud father of two daughters, BBQ enthusiast, wanna-be wood worker, avid cyclist and life long resident of the Lake Country area of Wisconsin.